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The Law is our Passion!

Torres Arteaga Lawyers offers the best and most efficient legal services in Calgary. Our excellent team of lawyers will help you navigate through any difficult legal matter life throws your way...

... all while communicating with you in a language you can understand.

Torres Arteaga Lawyers is an association of independent law practices working under a common banner.


We love helping Calgarians

We love our clients! And they love us too!

Our clients enjoy open and regular communications, efficiency and all the conveniences of a modern office.

We take pride in helping people resolve their legal issues in the manner that best meets their needs.

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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation consists of several areas at law usually at play with one another. If someone broke a promise, owes you money, or did something to your property, we can fight for you!
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Estate Planning

Protecting yourself and your family requires thoughtful planning in the case of death or incapacity.
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Family Law

From pre-marital agreements to divorce, separation, and parenting, we will make sure your interests are protected.
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Business Law

We provide practical solutions for businesses from inception to dissolution, and from internal workings to external disputes.
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Real Estate

If you are purchasing a new home or business, we have the experience to work you through the details.
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Personal Injury

We offer legal advice and provide assistance to our clients who have been involved in accident.
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